Time and space

It has always fascinated me how time goes so fast. It goes so fast that you may wonder where have your summer holidays gone? Is the summer already over? How come I´m back at work already? Who has stolen my coffee mug and where´s my favorite stapler?

Our working week is full of schedules, dead-lines and tasks that we need to operate. In an industry site, where I´m working, people are in a strong mist of work. Engineers are engineering, businessmen and women are looking sharp with their blazers, mobile phones are flashing everywhere and time is being spent by making machines, selling them and doing everything around them.

Time goes by and we generate a tunnel vision where we forget both time and space: people around us, buildings, light, nature, smells and noise. Don´t worry, it´s totally natural to forget these things. Humans are like that. We forget our surroundings and focus on the subject. We prioritize by not looking what´s around us and we ignore the small things and use our brains to do what´s important and what has to be done. Besides, is there any other way?

I have always been interested in the Lokomo industry site. It´s full of history, old buildings and tradition. There is always something going on and as I deliver goods at the site, I get to see small glimpses of time and moments that go by in a blink of an eye. I have tried to capture those small moments where time has paused and you can just observe how the nature is taking over, shadows are drawing figures and surrounding buildings are hypnotizing your senses. Next time when you pass that pile of pallets or that usual path to a meeting or use that familiar door, take your time and try to see what´s around you. Maybe you will find something new that you haven´t seen before.

Jaakko Vuorio

Summer Trainee and Day Dreamer

Metso Minerals, Tampere

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