Coming soon…

The summer is almost over… Or at least I feel like that, as there is less than 2 weeks left of my summer trainee ship. After that it’s time to pack my bags and head to Mexico (Caramba!). Nevertheless, I wanted to write one more blog post before packing my stuff and flying away. So here is the pre-info about it…


This is the place where I gonna go next… Mexico and the beach!

I might have mentioned before that I’ll graduate this autumn and therefore have been thinking a lot what I would like to do in the future. I love travelling and living in new places, so it is pretty obvious that I would love to find a job which would allow me to travel or live and work somewhere else than in Finland at least part of the time. I already know how you do it and what it’s like when you are student or even before that, but what is it like when you have your degree and maybe even bunch of work experience and you want to find a “real job” outside your home country?

Inspired by this dilemma and Jonathan’s blog last week, I chose to do my next blog post related to the subject. What is it like to work abroad when you actually already are in the “work life”? I sent off few inquiries to people within Metso who have gone to work in another country as an expat or for longer period of time. Now I’m waiting to get few answers and I’m sure they’ll have some interesting and maybe even helpful stories to tell us.

So I will get back to you next week, with some great stories, I hope! In the mean while, have a great end of the week!


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