Me, Metso and grandma style bike

I hope you all had a great midsummer time and you have enjoyed boy’s blogs last week – I have to say yes to both! Now it is my time present myself and tell you little bit more how I have ended up working at Metso.

Midsummer landscape

My story with Metso started two years ago, when I worked in HR recruiting team for 4 months. After 2 years of studying in Helsinki Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, I really wanted to find a summer job near Helsinki and do something which is relevant to my previous studies. Working as an assistant in HR was a great experience and when after 4 months I left to France to do my exchange year, I hoped I would find myself at Metso again one day.

That day became two months ago, when I just got back from Mexico where I did my internship and worked for while (and enjoyed the beach and the surf, of course). I got a job for a month in HR and luckily after that I was offered to continue additional 3 months in my current position. I consider myself lucky as I have had a great chance to see the both side of Metso, the organisational administrative side, as well as the real business side. This has given me a better understanding of the whole business and have kept me busy of understanding the big picture.

So what I’m really doing now? My days are filled with different tasks dealing with social media and communication. In addition I am taking care of the commercial and technical brochures which has to be sent all over the world with the actual goods that we produce. Even though I really like my job, the best thing in working at Metso are definitely the people around you. For a summer trainee (or at least to me) it is important that you know you are not alone and no matter even “your people” are out on summer holidays, there is always someone ready to help you and give you an advice if you need it. Team work peeps, team work!

Outside of the work wonderland, I occupy my time by working on my thesis (not doing too well with it..) and just enjoying the Finnish summer with my friends (..and this is the reason why.). Also after many years of walking and “bussing” around, I have found biking again and I’m stoked how much fun it is. I have been able to discover whole new side of Helsinki with my old grandma-style bike which still rides pretty fast (for grandma’s at least..) and definitely rocks with the style. The feeling what I get in the morning after I have biked to work at 8 am is probably something similar to what people get after biking the Tour de France. Generally I’m not a morning person, you see. 😉

Ladybird and I on a bike

Well, so this is a short insight of me and my experiences in Metso. I’ll be writing soon again, next time it will be about my trip to France to where I am actually heading right about now. Take care and have a nice week on or off work 😀

A bientôt,
Jenni Falck
Summer Trainee
Automation Marketing