Bonjour France et bonjour les vacances!

Last time I wrote I was ready fly off to France for little summer holiday. Actually I was not going to Rennes just for fun – I had to go there to make the last exam for my University. However, as my exam was on Thursday I couldn’t make it back on time for work on Friday, which meant I had a chance to have a little holiday in Rennes. Could be worse, eh?

Opera house in the center of Rennes and the nasty clouds behind

Rennes is known for clouds and rainy, cold weather which makes the buildings of the city look even more grey than they actually are. First two days I did not have to bother of removing my summer dresses from the bag, or really even change the outfit as I only took one pair of jeans and one long-sleeved along with bunch of summer clothes. It felt like proper autumn over there, until on Friday the sun came out and by Saturday afternoon I had already burn my face and got ugly tan lines from my top. Tourist!

France, rennes

Band training during the day

Jamming during the night

The timing could not been any better. For the whole week-end there were a music event going on in the center, more precisely in front of the city hall of Rennes. The event was called “Boîte de rue” and have to say it has been one of the best random concerts I ever been. The group included nine musicians including a DJ and two dancers, who made sure the audience did not get bored. Not that it would have happen anyway- the electronic music combined with live brass music made people jamming whole 2 hours that they played. I loved the atmosphere; people from every age group were present and everyone was in a good mood just enjoying the beat and the fairly warm summer night.

One of the best things in Rennes is the Saturday morning market – it is a food heaven! We bought some fresh fruits, cheese, sausage and bread from the market and went to a nearby terrace to have a picnic with a pint of local apple cider. As the weather was super warm, we went for a little road trip and spend rest of the day on the beach. Now when I am sitting in the office writing and thinking of all the people on their summer holidays, it makes me happy to realize I had my chance to relax and enjoy the best things what summer can offer.

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When I watch these photos…. I miss France!!

I do think a little holiday once in a while is good for everyone – is it a week-end, a week or 4 weeks doesn’t really matter as long as you feel it was what you were looking for. Sometimes it is enough to go to see your friend in a next city and sometimes you want to fly miles away from you normal environment. However you like it, I hope you have a chance to make it during or after the summer!

IMG_0368 IMG_0369
Beach, beach baby!

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