The show is on – Welcome to follow Metso’s Summer Trainee blog 2013!

We are happy to let you know, Metso’s summer trainee blog will start again with new group of bloggers taking the lead. Idea of the blog will remain the same – we will give you guys a chance to read what Metso’s summer trainee’s life is all about. We are a nice group of 4 doing the main blogging and I’m pretty sure we will have a nice mixture of styles and stories coming up in following few months. However, we will present ourselves to you properly during the next week, but first we are going to enjoy the Finnish midsummer week-end!!
So briefly little bit more about the hot potato of the day… It was interesting how many people in the bus had a backpack or suitcase with them this morning and how everyone seemed happier and more relaxed than usually on Thursdays. Now after 2pm some of the office tables are getting empty and “backpackers” are heading to the main door – time to hit the road fellows!
All of the people, who I have talked to around here, are heading out of town to summer cabins somewhere in Finland with friends or family. I am one of them – my trip will go slowly (must love the midsummer traffic jams…) trough south of Finland, up until north of Savo where my friend has a summer cabin in Sonkajärvi. I am so ready for this – all day/all nigh sun shine (yes, I tend to think positively), BBQ, swimming in the lake, sauna, playing outdoor games and of course to the company of amazing individuals called friends.
Well, I better start thinking of heading out as well… Few more things to do at the office and then I am ready to hop into the car and wait my friend to drive whole 550km to the cabin (only few people understand the beauty of being a bad driver…). Sweet!
Midsummer party or not, I wish all of you will have a great week-end and once more, welcome to follow Metso’s summer trainee Blog! Don’t forget to check out our presentations next week!!!
Hyvää Juhannusta!!

Jenni Falck
Summer Trainee, Automation Marketing
Vantaa, Finland