Life, the Blog and Everything

This summer, my first working for Metso, started off with a pleasant surprise when I first set foot in the office: my name was already on the door! This being my first time doing legitimate office work, you can imagine the pride I took for the accomplishment of having those letters printed somewhere people can see them. I was finally going to be doing something that requires using your brain muscles, very much unlike all the cleaning, loading and lifting work I’ve done on earlier summers. Oh joy!

Now I’ve been working here for six weeks and the product development project I have been and will be wrestling with for the duration of my traineeship is finally beginning to unravel and clarify itself. I’ve also started to get accustomed to the office-lifestyle: excessive daily sitting-times, sweating only when walking up to the 3rd floor right after lunch, and the overwhelming chaos of my desk. Still joyful!

Office work? Sure!

But why blog? A friend of mine once cited a citation cited on a lecture she took:

“How can I know what I think until I see what I’ve written?” (C.A. Foster)

Besides wanting to accomplish this citeception, I can also say that my motives for writing here and now lie within this aphorism. I can have things wander around inside my head for days and not make any sense of them, but whenever I make these thoughts tangible, whether it is by writing, drawing or photography, they can suddenly become crystal clear. I’m very into communicating in all of its aspects: plain old face-to-face talking, chatting, non-verbal stuff like dance, photography and art in general, visual media, music and all the other ways I don’t yet know. A pessimist might view it as awfully selfish to be doing this out of my own will to keep improving, but in the end isn’t that the only reason one would want to challenge himself?

Plus I feel like I and the other bloggers could make this into something real cool.

Even if it requires lots of bad humor and crazyish photos.

Antti Surma-aho
Summer trainee, Product development
Jyväskylä, Finland